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a large pile of nife updates also the return of the intercom

Posted Over 4 Years ago by Xhin

  • I added a Testing Lab panel. This allows Hosts to ghost players so they can view their journal, profile, interact with the game as them, etc.

  • Characters can be deleted. This moves all their items to limbo.

  • When adding characters in a batch there's no longer a glitch that makes blank-named characters get created too.

  • The Journal no longer shows Automatic actions, but you have a button with which you can view automatic actions solely.

  • You can now add new items to a character. This is behind a [+] link, so click that to open it first.

  • When you delete an item you get redirected to the new item area.

  • Character descriptions is no longer a thing when editing characters.

  • "New character" in the character host panel is gone completely, the batch editor or "add characters here" from within a room works a lot better.

  • When you Add/Remove plugins, there's a button that toggles a "fast searching" thing that condenses the list way down and highlights activated plugins more clearly, so you can more quickly add plugins to your game.

  • Advanced Settings panel has been migrated to the regular game settings panel as a link since it's very rarely used and it was taking up room.

  • I added an Alerts panel, that:

  • Lets you put a global event in everyone's journal
  • Send an alert to all players
  • Adjust the Intercom title and message

  • The Intercom has also been added back into NIFE and it appears below the room description.

    Updates to the Actions Panel

  • The first part of the panel is GONE completely. The global event thing was added to the Alerts panel, the Manual Actions counter was added to the subpanel, and you go to the subpanel initially now with the current round shown by default.

  • Only characters that can do manual actions are shown

  • Action responses are now a text box. It isn't big because I still like having the "compare players" option, but it's taller so you get more room to put in reactions.

  • The Player Info section (their items, stats, etc) is no longer automatically shown. You have to click a button to get it to appear.

  • When an action shows the Room is was made in, there's a link provided to the room in question.

    More to come.

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    Over 4 Years ago
    Sky's the limit

  • I added a big button to Suspend a game in the main part of the NIFE Host panel (the thing that has all the panels in it).

    If a game is suspended...

  • You will get a vaguely purple background color everywhere on the Host CP to remind you that you've suspended the game. (I'll probably change the color or something)

  • Players can't play the game, are told to check back later, and get a link to their User CP.

  • Over 4 Years ago
    Sky's the limit

    The point of this is to allow you to update stuff in between rounds without players interacting with stuff and messing you up.

    Over 4 Years ago
    Sky's the limit

  • Potions panel will hide "flingable" if you have it selected as an Item potion.

  • You can turn existing items into potions.

  • Over 4 Years ago
    Sky's the limit

  • Item Carry Limit is now an optional plugin

  • Over 4 Years ago
    Sky's the limit

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