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another pile of bugs fixed

Posted Over 4 Years ago by Xhin

  • Actions Panel > Adds an automatic actions count to each player for easier tracking.

  • Play > Player actions area is slimmer

  • Also, sorted better

  • Which should also fix the bug of seeing someone else's actions instead of your own when doing something

  • Old round messages / actions are also hidden

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  • Fixed Character talking edit character link, added "edit item" link to offerings.

    I'm going through all plugin panels right now to add more redundant links...

  • Over 4 Years ago
    Sky's the limit

    @Moonray: Massive amount of plugin polishing, added a bunch of links to main panels inside of plugin panels, with a couple exceptions (because they're complex to do):

  • Sparring Characters > Edit Character
  • Sparring Items > Edit Character, Edit Item
  • Combat Ranges > Edit Item
  • Mines > Edit Room, Edit Item
  • Recipes > Fixed Edit Ingredient link, added "Edit Product" (item) link
  • Signs > Edit Room
  • Trackers > Edit Item
  • Potions > merged name + Edit Item; made "edit potion effects" a bigger link to divide the table better
  • Summons > Condensed down name; Edit Character

  • Machines > Dropped edit item, made "Location" have links to either the room or the item. Made edit link bigger too.
  • Containers > another merge; Edit Item
  • Vehicles > Edit Owner (character) ; expanded
    size of edit character/room
  • Item prices > Edit Item
  • Currency Bags > Merge
  • Traps > Edit Room
  • Crops: Room Plots > Edit Room
  • Crops: Specias > Edit Product (item)
  • Crops: Plants > Edit Room; Link to plant species; seed link (item);
    Location links (room or character)
  • Locks > Edit Lockpick (item); container locks link to
    character; vehicle locks link to both character and room

  • Over 4 Years ago
    Sky's the limit

    Small fix:

  • Character talking > those with talks are a different color in the characters list

  • Over 4 Years ago
    Sky's the limit

  • Amulets > Made link stand out more, removed properties link, did a merge

  • Over 4 Years ago
    Sky's the limit

  • Rooms panel> ++ links to mines, signs, status effects, traps, plants for that room

  • Characters panel> ++ links to interaction settings and status effects for that character

  • Over 4 Years ago
    Sky's the limit

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