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CD Adventures: A New Seed

Posted 1 Month ago by Xhin

This post catalogues my exploration of the Crazy Diamonds seed "A new seed". Will post the actual link after launch.


Bonus Items

  • 3-4
  • 9-4
  • E-3
  • F-3

    Time Items

  • 9-5

    Magic Items

  • ▲ -- 7-5
  • : -- 9-5
  • Ω -- F-3


  • Worlds 0-G (up to level 5)

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    The first thing I want to do with this seed is survey the levels, finding which ones are valuable:

  • 2 -- 9x multiplier
  • 4 -- 9x multiplier, but one of those high-block levels.
  • A -- 15x multiplier, not bad!
  • C -- 8x multiplier, high-block but short height so not bad.
  • L -- 24x multiplier, high-block.
  • S -- 9x multiplier, a little hard to see though.
  • X -- 12x multiplier, also one of the black-bg levels, which I like the look of a lot.

    I also want to look at anything that has score bonuses or time bonuses visible on the first level, they'll be valuable later.

  • 9 -- score bonus
  • E -- score bonus
  • Y -- score bonus

  • 1 Month ago
    Sky's the limit

    Finding the stages item

    The next step is finding the stages item, as that'll let me explore every level and map it out further. It could be absolutely anywhere though, and it'll probably take around an hour cumulatively to go through every level looking for it.

    If I find it first, I wouldn't mind having the down upgrade item -- it'll make exploring these levels a lot easier.

    Along the way, I'd like to map out the locations of bonus items, time items or magic items as I discover them.

    Run 1

  • Went through worlds 0-5. Didn't find much, just a bonus item at 3-4.

    Run 2

  • Encountered a game-breaking glitch and had to restart once I was 6 minutes in -- still haven't fixed a lot of the bugs I've noticed so might hit something like this again.

  • Went through worlds 6-9 and A-G total.

  • Found three bonus items, a time item and three items. The clock item at 9-5 will be particularly valuable while exploring.

  • 1 Month ago
    Sky's the limit

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