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CD Project Checklist

Posted 1 Month ago by Xhin

remaining tasks on this project before launch:


  • 2. make it so you can't collect the same bonus item over and over on a stage (the gems are less important). Same deal with the time bonus item. Same deal with magic items.
  • 3. Bonus warps and bonus stages should be limited by the world, not the stage. Once you go through one no more will generate in that world.

    Misc UX

  • 9. Console locations should be sorted alphabetically. Sort numerically first then join.
  • 10. Make the completion th colspan 2 for added mysteriousness as to what the symbols do.
  • 11. If you don't place in the high scores table, put you in as infinityth place :P (with the sym)
  • 12. Temp level clears (10, 99) shouldn't cause you to clear the current nat level.
  • 13. You shouldn't be able to fall onto a level exit or jump into it, it should only accept input from the left or right
  • 14. Letter levels should have certain letters that are fake (maybe 25% of them). procgen syms via levelpack.
  • 15. Dash levels should have a high bperc.
  • 16. Pack levels with nothing should say alpha or the other cyrillic symbol has the info.
  • 17. The high scores area needs to have a "replay" button and a "back home" button.

    Gravity / Jump Bugs

  • Holding space while under an obstacle seems to be the best way to replicate the infinite-jump bug.

  • 1. pressing space mid-air doesn't cancel jump effects, only gravity effects (or is it vice-versa?). The glide cape has the worst variation of this.
  • 2. similarly, there's some way of making it so you can't jump anymore because something gets fucked -- you end up endlessly quasi-jumping. hard glitch to find, much less fix. Decent means of replicating it is to hold down down so ~200 gems get created, then collect a bunch, jump to the ceiling and press space repeatedly.
  • 3. Dropping stops gravity completely -- it should still trigger if you move around / remove the block below you. Maybe just remove my interval fix here and rethink it. Replicateable (esp. when walking off ledges), but hard to replicate consistently.
  • 4. It's possible to get stuck on the bottom if the thing at the top of the screen is blocking you and maybe to its east as well. Easy fix is allowing you to jump from the bottom if you can't move through it.

    Other Bugs

  • 1. I think the remaining gem bug is if a gem appears where the player is. Possibly happens on level load as well.
  • 2. play it a bit and fix any remaining console warnings
  • 3. it takes a few seconds for the clock to start
  • 4. idk if this is part of the bug issue, but downgems that replace normal gems should subtract their counts too.
  • 5. You can get stuck in the bottom-right or bottom-left corner -- easy to replicate if there's a block in the top-right corner of the airy area and you create holes.
  • 6. Gravity works while you're paused.
  • 7. Bonus levels aren't rendering the player @. player.render() is needed.
  • 8. they should really drop you in the center too.
  • 9. Rstru Mohow D-1 is generating gems on the right -- it's not supposed to do that anymore
  • 10. Black levels with dark level.wall should be weighted lower than the other type always
  • 11. Lheqe Wrgwl L-10 has an L bonus warp -- this is okay! but I need to make sure you can only enter bonus warps once per stage.
  • 12. The player is invisible in Hobsyr X -- this is actually impossible to play. In such cases make the player a few color bits off like how the UI changes. Aapod L is what it should be. dftqu6868 0 is probably an easier-to-access one.
  • 13. Blank names in the high scores table (or trimmed versions of them) should be rendered as Players Like You.
  • 14. Safeify high score names.
  • 15. lpack is making you start at the wrong door.
  • 16. Fixed sym ratios for lpack/rpack aren't working right
  • 17. pack levels are saying world 0 has info even though they should have info too
  • 18. lpack and rpack should always be on a stage 6-9.

    Final tasks

  • 4. The Hobsyr 5 dig-dug level layout should be a level type
  • 6. High scores table needs an upgrade again because of the new items / mechanics. I think I hit 60k last time -- best to check

  • 1. add instructions to homepage
  • 2. Test to make sure collecting all items + completing all levels (including lpack and rpack) looks reasonably good in both the table and fits in the database.
  • 3. hit all TODOs and commented code

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    Controls (definitely going to forget all these)

  • Space jumps

  • While midair, press space to drop to the bottom, collecting anything along the way apparently.

  • Pressing down while midair will create a block below you. This will also add a new gem.

  • While on a solid block, pressing down will erase the block below you. This will add a new gem.

  • Pressing down on the world border will let you fall through that hole and reappear at the top of the level. This adds a new gem.

  • Pressing up will switch you with a block to your left, right or up.

  • If there's nothing up, left or right of you and you press up, your x position gets mirrored.

  • Press Escape to pause and any other valid key to unpause.

    Magic Items

    Magic items are distributed between stages 2 through 9 so they're not ever immediately visible. The one that ups the number of stages you can complete is between stages 2-5 so you might need it first before collecting certain items.

  • 1.5x to all score bonuses. (x)

  • Timer goes by 0.75 as quick (:)

  • Down doesn't create a gem (▼)

  • Stages go to 9 instead of 5. (-)

  • Starting jump height + 2 (^)

  • Fall speed is 0.7, a glide effect kinda (v)

  • Infinity symbol recovers twice as much time (Ω)

  • Music symbols give 3x as much score (♪)

  • Up-swap prioritizes stuff above you (▲)


    Completing a level creates a console there. Interacting with it shows valuable information.

  • On world 0 you see a list of worlds for each item. These provide hints for it.

  • On worlds that have hints, you get hints as to where they are -- if you follow all four hints you know the location of the item.

  • Worlds that don't have hints will point you back to world 0.

    This is more for my personal reference -- they're easter eggs and won't ever be in the instruction set.

    Debug Keyboard Features

  • 1-9 will load that level

  • = will clear the level and load the console for the current world.


  • c_ollect -- collects items up to range 3 away.
  • d_estroy -- destroys all blocks adjacent to you.
  • r_egenerate -- recreates the level in a different way.
  • s_kip -- advances to the next level without gaining the clear bonus.
  • f_lytoggle -- toggles fly-mode. while here there's no gravity and you can use up and down to move up and down. space does nothing.
  • i_nfo -- shows console information. Might make some stages unbeatable but that's okay. Might also make them *easier* if it's just replacing blocks for example.
  • t_radetoggle -- toggles trade-mode. Press left to turn 60 seconds of time into 500 score, press right to turn 1000 score into 30 seconds of time. Less efficient than the fixture, but usable anywhere.
  • w_arptoggle -- toggles warp-mode. Press left and right to jump worlds and up and down to jump 5 at a time. Up and down get into lpack and rpack pretty handily.
  • p_alette -- changes the stage palette colors randomly. Can make formerly unplayable levels more playable or uglier levels better. This item costs no score.

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    Sky's the limit

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