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combat ranges plugin

Posted Over 4 Years ago by Xhin

This plugin makes combat damage more random.

You'll find it in the Sparring section of the Add/Remove plugins area.

The panel will appear next to the other sparring panels.

Activate it and then:

  • You can adjust the Damage like normal.

  • Damage Variance -- this number is subtracted from the damage to get a minimum damage and added to the damage to get a maximum damage. The damage is then randomly in between the two.

    Damage: 15
    Damage Variance: 5

    Damage Range: 10-20

    Damage: 7
    Damage Variance: 2

    Damage Range: 5-9

  • Critical Chance -- (0-100)% chance of the weapon landing a critical hit.

  • Critical Multiplier -- A percentage of the damage which becomes the new damage once the critical hits. 150 = 150% of the damage, or 1.5x. 200 = 250% of the damage, or 2x.

    Damage: 10
    Critical Multiplier: 150

    CRITICAL HIT: 15 damage

    Critical hits can also do less damage:

    Damage: 100
    Critical multiplier: 25

    CRITICAL HIT: 25 damage

    I will be using this plugin in Superpowers and all future combat-oriented games.

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    Over 4 Years ago
    Sky's the limit

    Damage ranges are also indicated where you select the weapon you're going to attack with.

    Over 4 Years ago
    Sky's the limit

    A good addition, this is sort of what I was trying to do in the past with the roll command. Using the difference between defensive & offensive rolls to determine a quasi attack strength so that every time you wouldn't always get the best or worst results.

    Over 4 Years ago

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