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Cool spots

Posted 5 Months ago by Xhin

36995277422 > ♍︎︎︎♊︎︎︎♐︎︎︎是︎︎︎是︎︎︎♏︎︎︎♓︎︎︎☽︎︎︎ : ♆♀ > [-171, 32] -- a giant ocean with 4-way transitional water colors.

21953933039 > ♋︎︎︎♓︎︎︎♒︎︎︎☽︎︎︎♏︎︎︎⊕︎︎︎♉︎︎︎ℵ︎︎︎ > [359, -352] -- the water color here occasionally turns into trees. Definitely a glitch, but worth keeping in.

21361412543 > [-555, -405] -- The starting point at the moment. If you do a single-tetrad challenge you're pretty closed off but should have enough resources to enter the cave and use it to escape (via exit cave onto a solid).

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