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experience system is in place player statistics plugin

Posted Over 5 Years ago by Xhin

NIFE now tracks damn near everything players do in the game via something called the Experience System.

Normal Things that are tracked

  • Every single action, present and future

  • Each sparring action (a lot of plugins treat sparring actions as a group, but this tracks things like "flee" separately)

    Machine stuff

  • specific machine type interactions (replicator, item switch, etc) are individually tracked

  • Interactions with machines in general are tracked

  • Successful / failure interactions with item switch, combination lock, replicator, transmogrifier machines are tracked.

    Crafting stuff

  • Crafting from an existing recipe

  • Trial-and-error crafting success

  • Trial-and-error crafting failure

  • Trial-and-error scrapping success

  • Trial-and-error scrapping failure

    Miscellaneous tracked stuff

  • Successful lockpicks

  • Any time you die

  • Any time you kill another player via the sparring system or the reflex system or any future PVP systems

  • When you offer an item to an NPC and it's the thing they're looking for

  • When you reload a weapon successfully (via using the correct ammo box)

  • When you summon successfully (implies you have enough of the stat that you spent)

  • When you successfully open up another player's inventory so you can steal from it.

  • Each time you buy an item from a shop (amount goes up for each item in a purchase, not each purchase)

  • Each time you sell an item to a shop

  • Each time you change your equipment

  • Each time you activate an item trap that hits you (ouch!)

  • Each time you activate a character's reflex and they automatically attack you

    Future plans?

    In addition to the work above, the system is set up so that I can add experience hooks to pretty much anything you want to add them to. I don't want to do this explicitly with everything because it would take weeks, but you can request that I track some function or some filtered thing and I can add it in a matter of seconds.


  • Characters attacked with an item with a specific trait

  • Mines whose products are in a specific category

  • Track the number of times a player switches to a minion they're leading


    Player Statistics plugin

    There's a new plugin in the "information" section of the add/remove plugins area. Activating it will give players a little panel that then pulls things out of the experience system:

    As you can see, it's very rudimentary, but should be useful for testing purposes if nothing else.

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    Over 5 Years ago
    Sky's the limit

    The future plans is maybe confusing and ambiguous.. so how it would work is:

    1. Moonray requests that Xhin add a hook for "Characters attacked with an item with a specific trait".

    2. In an upcoming "Experience" panel you would be able to select specific traits for the system to watch.

    3. When Count Dooku attacks Peon with a Staff, if the Staff has one of the tracked things then there would be an experience row added/incremented for that.

    4. These custom experience rows could be worked with the same way that hardcoded ones are.

    Over 5 Years ago
    Sky's the limit


    Over 5 Years ago

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