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Gem genie checklist

Posted 1 Month ago by Xhin

This project is a bit too in-depth to exclusively have a notes post, so I'm going to build checklists here as well.

Bases Project Outline

This project is somewhat complex and wrapped around itself tightly.

  • Have a research framework, and within it include a list of allowable fixtures. These should all be off in the default state, they're added in the init, which for now will add all.

  • I need framework for attaching fixtures -- not the UI for it yet but the actual data structure and I guess the placement of fixtures as well.

  • Pylons should have two menu sections -- one that lets you remove a pylon or indicates how many fixtures are attached, and goes into a menu where you can interact with or remove fixtures. The other section lets you place fixtures -- I'll worry about the UI of creating them later.

  • I guess for now have a Test fixture that just debugs its coordinates and a feature-unique signifier.

  • I need UI for placing fixtures -- the polar thing and the free move thing.

  • You should be able to place pylons from other pylons as well, forming a "chain" between them.

  • You should be able to warp to any pylons along the chain -- will make base UX way better. No gravity here.


    This will get the framework for everything set up. I'll then be able to:

  • Build out actual fixtures

  • Do the research stuff (well no, I need atomization first, which is its own separate project)

  • Handle procgen recipes that tie back into the fixture system but also modules and items -- probably its own separate project as well.

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    UI input handling

  • Selecting a link that has an input in it should automatically focus on the input and highlight it rather than the parent link.

  • Pressing up or down should make int values go up or down, between the max and min (defined as attributes).

  • You should also be able to type like normal.

  • Pressing enter or escape should blur the input and re-select the parent element.

  • Inputs need better CSS.

    Tool menu

  • The property table needs better CSS.

  • The link to submit needs better CSS.

  • Submitting should save the properties back into the item.

  • Item properties should actually affect their actions in hotbar_tools{}.

    This should be enough work to justify a third video, detailing the hotbar, menu/letter system and property-modifying options.

  • 1 Month ago
    Sky's the limit

    Menus system

  • Context-specific menus (without tabbing) are probably okay -- just make sure that they close when you move if they have the map-move-hide class.

  • Keydown or whatever the first key event is should trigger map move hide, it shouldn't be on every movement for performance reasons. Same deal with shatterloop

    Pylons initial menu

  • When you interact with a pylon, bring up a menu that either lets you name it (with a "name" linkbutton to the right of it) or lets you warp to existing pylons.

  • Naming a pylon and saving it should store it in the .data{} object.

  • Stored pylons should go to a different menu entirely.

  • The warp option on init should bring up the list of stored pylons.

  • When one is picked, warp you to it in the same orientation as you are with the current pylon. Make sure gravity isn't still running, and auto-open the pylon menu. Delete the old pylon.

  • 1 Month ago
    Sky's the limit

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