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new nife forums and lots of integration to them

Posted Over 4 Years ago by Xhin

  • I added four new NIFE forums, on the quicklinks now.

  • I've moved relevant posts from Announcements and The Flowvamp to the appropriate forum.


  • In the NIFE User CP, you have a link to the NIFE game world discussion forum, sorted by the actual game you were just in the panel for. If you add a new post it'll get added to the list you were just looking at.

  • The Main Hosting panel has a "Request Feature" button that links to the NIFE requests forum.

  • Eventually, the Documentation system will link to the NIFE Help forum so Hosts and Players can ask questions.

    This is basically the way that people that I'm inviting to do stuff with NIFE will find their way to the rest of the site, so pretty important.

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    Over 4 Years ago
    Sky's the limit

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