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P-V. Pets Notes

Posted 6 Months ago by Xhin

These notes are sequential, so they shouldn't need a list up here unless I get additional notes along the way.

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Pets Notes

  • I had an idea for Maps where they are just pre-rendered sections that some high-level scout animal could create. I might want to incorporate that into my Scout Animal notes. Other map types are possible but probably not practical or all that useful right now. This isn't related to anything, I'm putting it here as a placeholder.

    Heavily heavily simplifying this, while still keeping the main features in it that I want.

    Basic stuff

  • Unlock the "Domestication" research package. This will open up the appropriate mechanics and the Incubator, Cyborg Station, Stable and Tank base fixtures.

  • You'll be able to extract Eggs from Animal Corpses and Fish Eggs from Fish -- like potion ingredients this has a chance that it will work. I renamed "Spawn" so it's more clear what you're getting. Eggs, Fish Eggs and Seeds will all go into the "Embryos" item category. If you've already opened the Agriculture package, you'll already have eggs/fish eggs unlocked. Need to make sure these are separate modules so they don't overlap.

  • The Incubator fixture requires some Aether to use but can be used to hatch Eggs or Fish Eggs. There's also a shop service in the Stables/Aquiary/Zoo shop types. Hatching them will turn into a kind of aether-based "Gem" item.

  • Hatching an Egg will turn it into a Mount Animal and hatching a Fish Egg will turn it into a Scout Animal. The actual names look like "Shortpig Mount Gem" or "Dartmouth Scout Gem", and the item categories are "Mount Animals" and "Scout Animals". This set of compromises should make everything make sense from all angles (including the Lore).

  • 6 Months ago
    Sky's the limit

    Cyborg Stations

  • Neither Scout Animals nor Mount Animals will work by default in Caves. In order to get them to work correctly you have to graft on mechanical parts.

  • Cyborgs don't work correctly in the overworld for lore reasons.

  • Pets can be turned into Cyborgs and converted back from them at Cyborg Stations. The process requires metal, though thankfully it can be any kind of metal and it doesn't take much. This might change, but probably not since Pets already have other limits and systems attached to them.

  • Cyborg Fish are upgraded a lot -- they don't have to be placed in water and you can also send them down cave holes before entering yourself. Shame you can't use them in the overworld.

  • Zoos/etc also have Cyborg Stations -- these don't require metals but do cost a lot of money relative to other shop services.

    Using Pets

  • You get a Pets menu whenever you unlock the Domestication package. You can also get it from a shop buy, which lets you use Pets early.

  • From your Pets menu you can click a button next to the pet you want and then click the tile where you'd like to summon it. Scouts have to be summoned in water, while Mounts can't be summoned in water.

  • Summoning a pet requires some amount of Mana, depending on which animal the Pet is.

  • Once summoned, the gem item will disappear and animals will become entities in the world. Touching them will bring up their menu.

  • The Pets menu will also keep track of where your Pets are, or their status in the case of Scouts. You can use the little arrow-pointing effect (polar finger) for free to locate Pets you've left somewhere.

  • 6 Months ago
    Sky's the limit

    Animal Entity Menu

    This set of things is universal to both Mounts and Scouts.

  • Stats -- You'll get some general stats about your pet up at the top. Mount animals and scout animals have different stats, however there are some that are universal to them both.

  • Retrieve -- This removes the animal from the world and puts the gem item back into your inventory. Unlike summoning them, retrieving them is free. Animals can't be Retrieved if they're carrying items.

  • Send Home -- Pets can be sent back to your Base. If you have a dedicated Stable or Tank set up for them, they'll go there. Otherwise you have to create those fixtures when you return, assign them and then they'll appear.

  • Feed -- When you work a Pet past its Workload stat, they'll get Hungry. In this state you can't work them anymore until you feed them their preferred food source (based on the same system in use in domestication and trapping).

  • Storage -- Pets have a storage capacity. The amount for Fish isn't much at all -- like three resources or so. However Mount animals can carry a lot more. Since you can also ride Mount animals or send Scout animals off to work, this makes them effective ways of increasing inventory space. Additionally though you can send them home, which lets you do a lot of uninterrupted exploring if you have a lot of them available.

    Mount Animal menu

  • Ride -- This lets you ride the mount. The entity disappears and your player icon changes to that of the animal. I should probably make sure this is true for event horizons as well. Or it may not be that important.

  • While Riding, you'll gain a "Mount" menu -- this is equivalent to the animal entity menu except that you can't retrieve or send home. At the top, you also get a "Dismount" option (or possibly one for each direction) and special abilities if there are any.

  • Mount special abilities mimic the rope system with some exceptions -- propel for example will instead have special modes for moving faster on floors, solids and/or water (for the cost of more workload usage). There are also abilities that let you tear down or move solids, which can be useful to base contstruction. Also with Cyborgs you get a useful alternative to Bombs in Caves. Probably other stuff as well.

  • 6 Months ago
    Sky's the limit

    Mount Animal Intrinsics

    Mount animals are all quite a bit different from each other. In addition to the stuff already discussed, they have other special attributes:

  • Jumping -- Mounts can jump over solid tiles automatically, up to some limit. Very very useful attribute.

  • Health -- Mounts have a health system which mimics the player system but tends to be more forgiving. One use of them is that they take damage from enemies rather than you. If a mount animal runs out of health you can't use them anymore -- you must feed them and wait for them to recuperate. They unfortunately can't be Retrieved either, though thankfully your Pets menu lets you know where they are at all times.

    Scout Animals

    Unless they're Cyborgs, Scout Animals must be summoned in water. They are Fish after all.

    Scout animals essentially help you explore better. I've heavily heavily simplified them so now all they really do now is the same thing the Zoom Map debug tool does, and their differences tie into the fidelity seen there. That also conveniently means that most of their functionality is already built out.

    Scout animal differences include:

  • Range -- The amount of tiles around you they're capable of seeing at once. This is upgradeable.

  • Color vision -- An upgradeable stat that makes the colors of everything more clear. Normally they're pretty desaturated.

  • An ability to see different water colors

  • An ability to see resources outside of water. In caves this ability is always on.

  • An ability to distinguish solids and floors outside of water (very very useful for trapping, bases and the like, and so pretty common though not universal). In caves this ability is always on.

  • An ability to see different resource colors -- ordinarily you just see the same color regardless of which resource type it is.

  • An ability to see starshards or crystals in the case of Caves.

  • An ability to see Cave holes.

  • An ability to see animal nests. (part of the combat update so won't happen until I get to that)

  • (in caves) the ability to see lava

  • (in caves) the ability to see gashrooms

  • An uncommon Swipe stat that lets you pick up a certain amount of water-based resources per run. This gets stored to the fish's storage space. Very very handy.

  • 6 Months ago
    Sky's the limit

    Aether Lenses

    Aether Lenses allow you to upgrade Pets with Quartzshards or Starshards -- there's an area at the top of the menu that lets you pick which one you want to work with. Quartzshards are generally better, especially with the new mining system since starshards are in use elsewhere in a lot of different systems.

  • You can essentially use Aether Lenses to upgrade whichever stat you want without limits. You can't add abilities (like a mount animal moving solids or a scout animal seeing cave holes), but you can improve existing abilities (like scout animal range or carrying capacity). It's possible to improve mount animal special movement to something absolutely ridiculous -- perfectly fine since being able to break the game is one of its perks. Same deal with storage space.

  • Upgrading a Pet makes it cost more Mana to actually summon it. Like powerful spells, there are ways to get around this.

    Stables & Tanks

  • These are base fixtures. Stables are for Mount Animals, while Tanks are for Scout Animals. The procgen recipe should be reasonable.

  • If a stable/tank is unoccupied and unassigned, you can summon a pet in there for free. This lets you work with their storage, feed them, check out their stats, etc. You can also use them for basically no Mana, which is neat -- especially with more powerful Pets.

  • For technical sanity, you can't use special abilities while mounted on a Pet in a Base.

  • You can also assign them to that stable or tank. If you do that, then when you Send them Home they'll automatically appear in the appropriate stable or tank.

  • You can also unassign pets that are assigned in one of them.

  • If you've sent Pets home that are unassigned, then you'll be able to assign them in unoccupied and unassigned Stables/Tanks. To prevent confusion, you'll also get similar messages when you send them home and in your Pets menu so you know you haven't lost them forever.

  • 6 Months ago
    Sky's the limit

    Miscellaneous changes

  • The Gems that contain Pets can be found as Loot.

  • They can also be bought at Stables, Aquiaries or Zoo shop types, which also contain the Incubator and Cyborg Station shop fixtures.

  • Stables, Aquiaries and Zoos will also let you buy the ability to use Pets if you haven't unlocked the Domestication package yet -- this basically just creates the menu for you. I need to make sure this doesn't duplicate if you then unlock the domestication package later.

  • Spawn extracted from cave fish should automatically be cyborgs. Missed this before, but in my fishing notes.

  • 6 Months ago
    Sky's the limit

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