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shatterloop checklist v4

Posted Over 1 Year ago by Xhin

Big Projects

  • II. Fishing v1 -- 3/8

  • III. Bases v1 -- In Progress. Bundling in Industry Fixtures, the Prism, and Base coloring.

  • IV. Combat v1 -- Notes done, merging with magic attacks system so needs clarification there.

  • V. Scout / Mount Animals / Aether Lenses -- Notes Done

  • VI. Civilization v2 -- Some notes done. Way closer to having notes done now, which is exciting. Programming will probably be hell, but that's okay.

  • VII. Loose Ends -- Will get added to as these projects complete

    Smaller Projects

  • Procedurally generated crafting recipes -- Notes done

  • Hearts -- Notes done (simplification of armor)

  • Towns v1 -- Almost done

  • Bombs v1 -- Some notes done

  • Jewelry/Magic Systems -- Notes done

  • Lore System -- Notes done

  • Prop splitting -- In progress

  • Maps v0 -- Checklist done. There probably won't be a v1. Looking more viable now that there's stuff premade everywhere and because of how scout animals work.

    Final Features

  • NPC scanning features -- Foundation in the Big Update post. Ties into everything materials-related and probably other things too (looking at you, jewelry).

  • Province Variety -- Notes done, but need a revisit due to changes

  • Aleph Naught v2 -- Old Notes done. Realistically this is going to tie into the above and its prerequisites.

  • Buffs -- Needs refactor. Ties into the actual game rather than my sprawling notes -- though those might be useful too when I get to this stage. No debuffs outside of encumbrance and maybe dungeon traps.

  • Automation -- Notes Done. Probably requires everything else to be done first.

  • Actual magic -- Nothing yet. Ties into every single game system outside of the lore and story.

  • Potions upgrade -- Nothing yet. Potions exist currently, but would like to fit them better into the final game systems.

  • Lore -- Some work done. Not extensive by any means since it hooks into every other system, but there are some solid general ideas here.

  • Story -- Some work done. The overarching plot and characters anyway; a lot really depends on the lore.


  • Website stuff

  • Alpha/cutting edge/dev versions

  • Forum cleanup

  • Full-feature saving

  • Limited multiplayer -- potentially Scrappable. This is really just an add-on feature.

  • Better new-user UX

    Lines Date Change
    32,587 6/5 ?
    33,112 6/9 +525
    33,884 6/12 +772
    34,533 6/16 +649
    35,135 6/19 +602
    35,371 6/23 +236
    36,120 6/29 +741
    36,553 7/10 +433
    37,012 7/15 +459

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