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Shatterloop Bugs

Posted 8 Months ago by Xhin

This list is getting massive, and I need a centralized link for it.

Old Bases checklist

  • Make sure you can only place fixtures in the current room you're in, and not anywhere around the border (solids, doors). Otherwise give an error.

    Old Potions Checklist

  • Lootable ingredients should really be reflective of the ones in the world 90% of the time, but that is a much later project.

  • Maybe palettize the lootable ingredients instead -- would offer a larger selection but would still promote learning.

  • Saving successful recipes for later use. Delaying this because it's more of a polishing thing really.

    Old Manaflute Checklist

  • Make sure mana cracks don't conflict with other things that have been built. This is going to be a problem I'll need to solve for several systems, just making sure I'm not forgetting about it.

    Aleph Naught Tier 4 Bugs

  • You can envoiden the same town structure over and over.

  • The town structure that's envoidened needs to be town specific -- right now envoidening [0,0] will envoiden the 0,0 of every town. Need to make sure this is still a bug, I may have fixed it already.

    Post-updates bugfixes

  • Aleph conduits aren't filtering out the dimension you're currently in from the list of active ones -- probably another encoding issue.

  • Things crafted from nonunique materials nonetheless have material names (like "Gashrooms Gashroom Bomb").

  • There's an events.materials hook and also something in houses{} that references 'materials','extract' that needs to be updated. This is affecting shop services so it's easy to test. This also looks more complex than expected.

  • Labs need to be available even if the research tab isn't open -- they also need to be indicated that you've opened a lab in the research menu.

  • Placing a Lab should blur the select box so moving doesn't change it.

  • Placed repulsor portals don't seem to work.

  • Various tabs are opening over and over in planes/etc contexts. Need to fix these individually (dungeons and bases with multiple doors) but also some functionality to prevent duplicates.

  • If you're already in a base, don't enter a base again even if you go into another door.

    Early Alpha 3 Playthrough Round 1


    Didn't get all the way through this by any means -- will try to do that probably tomorrow though. Still hit some bugs and issues as usual:

  • can't atomize equipped items. same deal with dropping? (idk will need to check my scripting on that)
  • labs via portals say "unlock event" -- should have diff names for diff types of unlocks

  • houses have way too many floors (should be 1 or 2 with 3 rare and 4 rarer still, and nothing past that)
  • shops > sell all doesn't work now
  • Combat has the back button -- need to rethink the auto functionality here in general.

    Early Alpha 3 Playthrough 2



  • towns are spawning mobs
  • atomizer menus aren't mutually exclusive
  • time tethers can overwrite void cores
  • shift flying isn't working right (can't unfly)

    UX Issues

  • entropic plane / quantum plane shouldn't spawn mobs
  • can't reup worldlock if already worldlocked (this would improve quantum planes v1 a lot)

  • key items shouldn't have a craft all

  • containers when extracted should tell you what you actually got.

  • Same deal with potion ingredients (which isn't immediately obvious).

    More misc stuff


  • Activated nexuses don't work anymore (probably due to fixing the trade routes bug)

  • Refresh map (or update position automatically)

  • The discoveries tab isn't getting updated right when melange planes get switched


  • Voidshards symbiotic with entropic holes aren't working for some reason -- might want to look into this before programming other symbiotic materials.

  • Make sure voidshards are symbiotic with melange holes as well on the same system or a different one (I forget exactly).

  • I need to fix overflows beyond the limits of the void sea -- even if loops aren't different sizes, melange/quantum/entropic/dungeon stuff still affects this. This also means I can make loops different sizes without worry, which is neat.

  • BUG: Entropic holes can push you onto a town solid, bypassing the town doors.

  • Extract all shouldn't extract 100 times, it should extract once and up the amount given. If there's a chance, do a chance ratio or something on large orders.


  • In-cave cave holes don't seem to work anymore.

  • You can't equip lockpicks from the furniture menu anymore.

  • Lockpicking: Lock is not intuitive as to what it does.

  • Potions should append a number to the name (and a number prop) if the props are different but the name is the same. Actually I guess the inventory in general should do this, or maybe have a specialized function for it.

  • Indefinite (-1) buffs when clicked on should say indefinite or use the infinity symbol maybe.

  • Theft law doesn't prevent you from stealing again, also getting a console error.

  • Going over the void sea barrier seems to warp you back 200 tiles instead of doing what it's supposed to do.

  • Crafted Bone lockpicks don't work (maybe metal ones too?)

  • Your inventory should be able to let you see properties of items -- hook this through whatever the property formatting object is (I think shops and loot are using it atm)

  • The Caves Ruin isn't working, and is also saying stuff.

  • Make sure you can use a trapper service to get bones from any animal, and same deal with anglers and fish.

  • None of the caves terrain configurations make sense as long as ores are generating in veins primarily.

  • Shake works every time, it should only work twice per puzzle, unless I'm misreading the functionality of the +2 version of it.

  • Water should be more contrasty since the graphics overhaul makes water less obvious

  • Same deal with strange loops once shattered.

  • I changed my mind, conjuncts shouldn't be able to go through solids.

  • Extract menu is showing (plant_name seed), but then the item produced is (plant_name plant_type seed). Should match the latter.

  • Extract menu is showing (animal_name egg), but then the item produced is (animal_name CORPSE egg). Drop the corpse.

  • Dropped items interact needs to be ui.open_menu().

  • Locked fixtures can't be pushpulled.

  • Dye extracts should be before potion ingredients/embryos in the extract list.

  • If you exit a dungeon while there's an acid event, the acid comes with you.

  • Proc name not found: ingredient_grass in sack piles. Seem to have this issue across the board.

  • Container extraction is broken.

  • Tricky portal placements should have recursion limits and if you go too high cause temporary quantum storms and break the portals.

  • Mouse hover events like ['adjust',5,'diag'] that heavily limit mouse hover events, make sure it limits click events too.

  • Getting NaN coordinates for any reason should warp you to -1,-1 instead.

  • You should be able to push boulders in a ZZT-like way too, maybe by default.

  • Acid rooms should be more predictable -- tell you beforehand, or get spread by dungeon monsters. Additionally, they should be useful in some way -- maybe they block or attract dungeon monsters?

  • There should be a debug feature to duplicate existing items, maybe 10x them.

  • Black and white houses are way too common, and additionally they should be various grayscale tones not just black.

  • Shopkeepers and NPCs can move onto the door tile and potentially out of the house.

  • Can't take multiple amounts of money out of furniture anymore.

  • If you're unable to make a battery you still use metal

  • In the entropic plane, there should be a "tether yourself" toggle-button that doesn't let you step on anything that isn't a time tether, solid light or a voidcore -- should make it easier to avoid stepping off the path.

    Post-new-gen bugs

  • 19561253040 > ♉︎︎︎♒︎︎︎♋︎︎︎♌︎︎︎♓︎︎︎♌︎︎︎♈︎︎︎♑︎︎︎ > ♅♄ > [-564, 177] -- a resource near here has an undefined terco.

  • 48392351445 Event horizon debug warping makes you blocked.

  • 35843659683 > All the tercos seem to be broken

  • The value in extract doesn't seem to be accurate (see: branches, materials like bait or dye)

  • BAD BUG: 21055138452 > ♏︎︎︎♋︎︎︎♎︎︎︎♌︎︎︎♍︎︎︎☉︎︎︎☯︎︎︎♋︎︎︎ > Tufit Drurat. Can't exit the angler's 2nd floor. Also has the second blockade bug.

  • 1027046555 > ♍︎︎︎☉︎︎︎是︎︎︎☉︎︎︎⊕︎︎︎☽︎︎︎ > Sibanof doesn't exist.

  • Can push furniture/npcs onto doors and stairs too assumedly.

  • Resources inside a surface vein should be a separate type -- this will make scout animals more useful and make the tercos for it more simplifie.

  • 19141043178 > Raraike has the house margin bug

  • When you've been caught stealing, the next furniture you open (in a different house) won't render the first time you open that menu.

  • BAD BUG: 15628466633 -- This seed throws an error on item grabbing and fails to initialize anything else whatsoever.

  • 21953933039 > The top strange loop doesn't exist.

  • 25056434724 > ♐︎︎︎ℵ︎︎︎♓︎︎︎ℵ︎︎︎☯︎︎︎♉︎︎︎♓︎︎︎是︎︎︎ > Going to the east void sea barrier and then going back teleports you to the wrong place.

  • Town warp is screwy -- putting in a minus sign activates the debug thing instead of it having typing mode turned on.

  • Asking what town someone in the current town is in doesn't revert to that question. Sometimes you can get weird things like "I don't know where Igor Epa lives, ask Igor Epa".

  • Making wooden staves out of a single branch is a ridiculous way of earning money.

  • 34307531444 > Cepos Sano has the second blockade bug, right next to the travel platform too conveniently.

  • Dying of starvation in a melange plane sends you to the wrong place when you die.

  • Changing planes or dimensions should exit a base too.

  • BAD BUG: 38853767708 > This singularity stops randomly.

  • BAD BUG: Get food poisoning and then die of starvation or anything -- the food poisoning goes negative and never goes away.

  • At least try to change to rand.pick([-amt,amt]) instead of rand.range(-amt,amt) -- might make everything weirder but might fix various issues as well.

  • IMPORTANT! One way of triggering the refresh cache bug is switching dimensions twice (via -) in seed 18828861539, if replicatable.

  • 2838199132 > Smotu -- town terrain is generating on the wall. Not a problem here but could theoretically lead to entering towns without "entering" them.

  • Make it so you can swap with NPCs/shopkeepers but can't push/pull them. The theft system is way too broken otherwise.

  • Saving doesn't work flawlessly if you're In a house.

  • Menus don't work right with saving too -- you can get stuck in caves permanently.

  • Extract value and sell value don't seem to match for meat (or probably anything else). Might be a markup thing.

  • 29995120268 > ♏︎︎︎♉︎︎︎☽︎︎︎♎︎︎︎♒︎︎︎☽︎︎︎♎︎︎︎☯︎︎︎ > [-362, -341] -- This dungeon is only generating firecores, not also windcores.

  • 3722617766 > 是︎︎︎☽︎︎︎☯︎︎︎♌︎︎︎♌︎︎︎是︎︎︎♊︎︎︎ > [397, 108] -- the dungeon here is giving water cores at water doors. Probably related to the above.

  • Saving should save which menus are around as well.

  • The lure button stays around even after switching out of the lure context into normal fishing.

  • Cave and spectral fishing (and maybe special-bait fishing in general) is forcing you to re-select bait after catching something even though the select stays selected.

  • Debug (or maybe itemgen{} in general) fish don't work as cave fish bait.

  • UX: Spectral fishing shouldn't require > 15 tiles of water in a pool. They're hard enough to source as is.

  • Save states should store the seed and then load or reload it before applying save state alterations.

  • You need bait in order to do crate fishing or probably other types of fishing that require different baits.

  • Snares need to be a propgen, not an itemgen, with the itemgen reflecting that. Change this in recipes{} as well. I forgot how to couple the two.

  • A runecore that was fed remotely should still be able to be activated when you touch it. Auto-activation is also a possibility but is probably too confusing.

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    Tricky Fixes

  • crafting shouldn't unselect the radio unless there are none left -- Tricky, requires fetching all the values initially (if there are any) and setting them up conditionally

  • be able to see what you can extract from an item before buying it. Route this code through an endpoint too. (i_props.extract makes sense) -- Seems to be tricky -- inventory items and shop items aren't stored the same way but the i_props function needs to have its variable in common with both. Once that's done though, the "extract" property gives you the type and you can route that and the item name through extract.get_types()

  • grappling ropes don't seem to gen what the crafting menu says -- probably related to the propgen-splitting update. Keep in mind there's an itemgen.twine() now.

  • crafting > back & notes should be displayed together and bigger -- This is going to take its own checklist -- ties into both crafting{} and notes{}

  • cave resource colors should be more spread out -- The right way to do this is with colors.HSV functions, which would be useful elsewhere. Spectrum-splitting functions would also make the home dimension's 5 colors better so they're not explicitly the same five colors over and over.
  • Second blockade bug (old seed isn't working anymore) -- this is a bit more complicated to fix than expected though I have some code already in rooms.build_wall()

  • Precious metals and gashrooms are visible outside of torchlight. Desatting their symcolors would be neat. A tricky fix -- requires rerouting light{} so that the explicit color isn't rendered there so its return can be used elsewhere in the table{} code.
  • Starshards are impacting <td> heights. Probably crystals as well. Looks like a complex fix. There's not even a simple way of fixing the CSS.

  • Envoidened doors in towns are still rendered -- Houses{} store their data internally, so there is a ghost entry. I need to think this one through a little more -- should I erase houses internally on the aleph naught verb? or in town alt? or should I just change the "get" function? This could affect things like "repairing voided structures" over time.

  • The Aleph conduit in the home dimension is going to function a bit different. There are lore/story consequences as well. These need to be explored when everything else is done. -- This is less relevant now but needs a review

  • set X palette closes menu -- Should be covered under the base coloring menus update

  • When Lockpick Jamming, if there are any actions that target all but it (if jam 1) or all but it and another (if jam 2), then that tumbler can't be jammed. -- Both versions of this are hard to do -- jam 1 requires going through every single action to see if it targets all but that tumbler, and jam 2 has more possibilities in addition to the problem of the "2" variable not being known anywhere

  • 8 Months ago
    Sky's the limit

    Old-gen bugs

    No longer relevant due to generation changes, so need to be rediscovered elsewhere:

  • don't allow houses to have too similar colors to the floor

  • sometimes certain towns don't exist

  • artisans don't work sometimes

  • towns with close proximity to the void sea have issues

  • Seed 3871275936 on the old generation has the worst example of loop center glitches I've ever seen -- can't move north or west of -634, the loop size is not standard, and also an inactive ruin is spawning there. These glitches are probably all related -- might be able to replicate with a backup and checking all the void sea variables.

  • BAD BUG: old-gen 32749966350 the center dungeon is broken

  • 5 Months ago
    Sky's the limit

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