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Shatterloop Checklist v5

Posted 6 Months ago by Xhin

Once again, a series of organizational changes has required a revamp of this post.

Big Projects

  • II. Fishing v1 -- 5/8 Updates done

  • III. Bases v1 -- In Progress.

  • IV. Combat v1 -- Main notes done

  • V. Scout / Mount Animals / Aether Lenses -- Notes Done

  • VI. Civilization v2 -- Notes in progress.

  • VII. Procedurally Generated Crafting System -- Notes Done


  • Loose Ends Pre-organization

  • Bases Pre-organization

    Loose Ends

  • Prop Splitting

  • Towns v1 Stuff

  • Shop distribution

  • Maps v0

  • Materials UX Update

  • Terrain Configurations Finalization

  • Quantum Planes v2 Issues

  • Quantum Planes v2 Testing Framework

  • Post-Melange-Update Game Progression (Monad stuff)

  • Dungeon Issues

  • Farming Loose Ends

  • Minor Code Update

    Late-game Stuff

  • Buffs -- Probably largely deprecated

  • Magic v1 Draft 4 -- Active Notes

  • Automation -- Active Notes

  • Old Farming Automation Notes -- Active Notes

  • Alternate Provinces v1 -- Will need update

  • Aleph Naught v1/v2 Improvements -- Will need update

  • Myriad stuff (Instability, Myriad Scan, Genesis Device) -- Active Notes

  • Lore System -- Active Notes

  • Genetics -- Active Notes

    Final Features

  • NPC scanning features -- Needs notes when I get here

  • Actual magic / Megaliths -- Nothing yet. Ties into every single game system outside of the lore and story.

  • Potions upgrade -- Nothing yet. Potions exist currently, but would like to fit them better into the final game systems.

  • Lore -- Some work done. Not extensive by any means since it hooks into every other system, but there are some solid general ideas here.

  • Story -- Some work done. The overarching plot and characters anyway; a lot really depends on the lore.


  • Website stuff

  • Alpha/cutting edge/dev versions

  • Forum cleanup

  • Better new-user UX

  • Keyboard menus -- works great on gem genie but there will be a lot of work to fix every single menu. Maybe some of this can be automated, or a system can analyze and create data which can then be used.

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