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Shatterloop Game Progression v2

Posted Over 1 Year ago by Xhin

Just a quick writeup of how the game progression will work when this thing goes to alpha.

  • 1. Gather surface resources.

  • 2. Craft a weapon and a fishing rod (fishing rods are a key item).

  • 3. Fish for fish and attack animals for corpses.

  • 4. Extract fish for scales and corpses for hide.

  • 5. Turn scales and hide into an atomizer bypass.

  • 6. Start pitching items into aether.

  • 7. Use your aether to place a base -- you'll be able to create something simple initially probably.

  • 8. Unlock the explorer package -- this will require surface materials via the procgen crafting system.

  • 9. Use that to get the portals upgrade -- might just require aether or something.

  • 10. Place a portal window to the nearest Town. (Asher)

  • 11. Use town mechanics (lockpicking, quests, guild stuff) to get money and also blueprints, which unlock new features that you then can obtain via the procgen crafting system.

  • 12. Unlock the caves updates.

  • 13. Craft a rope (now a key item), bombs and torches.

  • 14. Go into caves, collecting rocks.

  • 15. Extract these for metals and precious metals. Maybe also collect quartzshards from aether lenses/altars -- still like the position of that step but not the mechanics involved in it.

  • 16. Craft metals and precious metals into Metallic Keys.

  • 17. Find dungeons through one of the information systems -- towns, scout animals, etc.

  • 18. Use Metallic Keys to unlock dungeons. (Tangle)

  • 19. Explore dungeons to gain tetradshards.

  • 20. There's a mana crack in each dimension -- take tetradshards to these to unlock conjuncts in that element's type of melange plane. You also gain an atomizer ability to warp to that type of melange plane.

  • 21. Explore melange planes, forming conjuncts to get those types of materials, and also collecting myriads and lattices.

  • 22. Some combination of these materials will create a key item that lets you explore the quantum and entropic planes.

  • 23. Go to the entropic plane, do the solid light puzzle to unlock void pivots.

  • 24. Go to the quantum plane (accessible on the bottom level of caves), do the exotic matter puzzle to get strange loops to start showing the event horizon puzzle.

  • 25. Do the event horizon puzzle to open up the event horizon.

  • 26. Enter the event horizon and interact with the naked singularity to get the aleph naught. (Singularity)

  • 27. Use the aleph naught on various resources and fixtures to get soulshards.

  • 28. Use those soulshards to purchase additional aleph naught modules, or eventually, the Soul's Pivot.

  • 29. Use the soul's pivot in other dimensions to help you pull the last technician out.

    Not sure where you get Hadurah or Ijon interaction, or how much you're interacting with Asher/Tangle/Singularity and in what capacity. You'll probably also have additional areas you'll need to go to like the Pivots or something while the Chimera is active. Maybe void dimensions or the original elemental dimension generation -- who knows.

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