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Shatterloop: oldest checklist

Posted Over 1 Year ago by Xhin

Just to see how much progress I've made since February 28, 2020 -- will hopefully inspire me.

Terrain Generation

  • Biomes -- Needs Work. Thanks to the whole Tetrad change, these are going to render somewhat differently, and contain different resources as well. Can't really do this until Provinces are done though.

  • Liquids -- Mostly Done. I need to look into why the old way of generation wasn't working right and they're now auto-blinking.

  • Tetrad -- Needs Work -- This would be easy to set up, but I'm holding off until later because being able to go down multiple dimensions works good for testing right now.


  • Crafting -- Mostly Done. Systems-wise I need to be able to filter ingredients by more than just the category it's in, and need to be able to aggregate categories as well. Other than that though it's just a lot of fleshing out and interface polishing.

    Basic Systems

  • Time -- Needs Work. Ties into a lot of the below systems and player health/mana as well.

  • Weather -- Needs Work/Scrappable. Not even sure how this works yet or what it ties into. Might scrap it.

  • Fishing -- In progress. Basically done but needs to reintegrate fishing rods and lures, which I should be able to do once I finish the materials upgrade.

  • Food -- Needs Work

  • Stamina -- Needs Work/Scrappable

  • Camping -- Needs Work

  • Stews -- Needs Work

    I scrapped the pottery/pots system. Might scrap the stamina system. The rest of it's here to stay though.

  • Milk -- Needs Work/Scrappable Would definitely like to implement this as an extra material type with some interesting mechanics behind it. I'll scrap it only if I get too close to the end of development otherwise.


  • Cave Entrances -- Needs Work. I scrapped the extreme rarity of these and Moles. They do need to be rarer and province-controlled though so scouts/maps/etc can find them.

  • Torches -- Mostly Done. There's a few properties left that these need, and they also need to burn out over time.

  • Cave Holes/Ropes -- Needs Work. Cave holes are working, but they only go down one level. I need to change this and also incorporate ropes.

  • Bombs -- Needs Work. Haven't done anything here yet, but the hooks seem to exist already and this will be more viable once the resource update happens, so maybe then.

  • Stalactites -- Needs Work. Haven't done anything here yet.

  • Lava -- Needs Work. Lava needs to be rarer, it also needs to deal player damage once that system's in place.

  • Underground Rivers -- Needs Work/Scrappable. Haven't done anything here yet. Might scrap it, though it doesn't look like it would be hard to do.

  • Metals -- Needs Work. These need to generate in veins. I'll probably reuse the biomes rock code for this, but I'll need to find the right hooks.

  • Quartz/Petroleum/Crystal Generation -- Nothing yet. Petroleum will be used in recipes to let you make arbitrary cave holes, rather than blowing up specific entrances (that system was scrapped).

    The cave update will probably happen all at once since they're all somewhat related.


  • Scout Animals -- Needs Work

  • Mount Animals -- Needs Work

    My notes here are a lot more solid than they have been, but I haven't gotten around to this project yet.


  • Health -- Needs Work. Haven't set up this system yet. Not sure how death works either. Will probably create some basic potions when this system goes up.

  • Enemy Movement -- Close. Have a few minor things left to do.

  • Enemy Attacks -- Needs Work. I will definitely need to consult my notes again on this one.

  • Enemy Communication -- Needs Work. I've got an idea how this system works at least.

  • Weapons -- In Progress. Need to do some more work with Thrown weapons. Not sure how shadow weapons work or if I should scrap that for a different system. A couple random techniques need some work. Also currently only axes are item-generating, I need to extend that to all weapon types and update the shops accordingly.

  • Weapon Effects -- Needs Work. I have some idea here but nothing concrete yet.

  • Summons -- Needs Work. As pointed out in my last checklist, it looks like it would be easy to program but I need to figure out the balance considerations around it. It seems like a bad idea to let players capture and be able to use high-level enemies permanently without some drawbacks / progression.

  • Enemy Spawning -- Needs Work. Not sure how these work exactly yet except that they'll have procedurally generated locations so hounds can find them. Dungeons will probably have some kind of Nest system.


  • Armor -- In progress

  • Jewelry -- In progress

  • Potions -- In Progress

  • Fountains -- In Progress/Scrappable

  • Magic Crystals -- In progress

  • Transmutation -- In progress

  • Wands/Scrolls -- In progress

  • Enchantments -- In progress/Scrappable

    I've made a lot of progress in figuring out what these systems do, and should have something more solid happening after combat is done.


  • Provinces -- Mostly Done. Would like to make the town spread more evenly distributed

  • Province Generation -- Needs Work. This by itself wouldn't be too hard to do, but there's other considerations attached to it so I need to really think through how the province system works in general first.

  • Towns -- Needs Work. Houses are being generated in a grid with nothing between them. Daggerfall and Dwarf fortress have been helpful in helping me figure out how to expand this, though it's tricky because I need to know what a town looks like overall before I generate it.

  • Houses -- Mostly Done. Some mild bugs, also need to get wall/counter/etc types of furniture rendering properly. Would like to change the rarities of specific furniture types as well.

  • Theft -- In Progress. Going very well.

  • Shops -- Mostly done. There's a few random shops that I can't do anything with until the materials update happens. I also need to set up the shop money and equity systems.

  • Service Shops -- Needs Work. Haven't done anything at all here yet. Not sure when I'll get to these either, they tie into some pretty random systems.

  • Trading -- Needs Work. Definitely haven't scrapped it, but ties into the province system too much.

  • NPC Knowledge -- In Progress. NPC's don't exist yet, and there's also nothing for this system to actually hook into yet, but the actual system is done.

  • Outposts/etc -- Needs Work. Basically just uses the town generator in smaller ways. Heavily dependent on the provinces system since outposts/etc are known about beforehand.

  • Quests -- Needs Work. I have an idea about how to do this, but it's too reliant on NPC's and the provinces system.


  • Building -- Almost done. Needs a few remaining tweaks.

  • Bases -- Needs Work. Once building is done, this is just a check on room size/shape. Not too hard to do.

  • Base Room types -- Needs Work

  • Base Fixtures -- Needs Work.

    These two tie into the Base system so I don't even fully know what they look like yet.

  • Base Furniture -- Needs Work. Once this is done I can flesh out Inns as well. Dependent on the rest of the base system.

  • Better Eating -- Needs Work. Dependent on the furniture system. Would let you do this at inns as well.

  • Alloys -- Needs Work

  • Industry -- Needs Work.

    These two systems are basically mid-to-late-game advanced crafting that let you really narrow the properties you want down. Not sure what the interface looks like yet.

  • Inventory Weights -- Needs Work. Waiting on this until the base system (and banks too ideally) so you can actually put your items somewhere. Also because that should clear up the last category of items.

  • Fermentation -- Needs Work. I decided food spoiling systems are too much of a pain in the ass. However I definitely like the idea of being able to create alcohol / cheese, so it'll just be its own base-related thing.

  • Crops -- Needs Work. I really want to implement this, but like milk I don't want to delay the end of the project due to it. This is potentially a large project because of what I want to do with it (random growing conditions, breeding, hybridization).

  • Aquariums / Terrariums -- Needs Work. Like Crops, something I want to do but it's not essential to the game as a whole.


  • Ruins -- In Progress. I have a few minor things the engine needs, but other than that these are pretty solid. However, I don't yet know where to put them or what to put in them -- that will happen after the provinces update. Making some of them progressive is potentially a complicated project, but also needs to be done.

  • Mana Cracks -- Mostly Done. These look good but sometimes the entrance isn't accessible. My solution is to let you change the generation in some way once you've inserted a mana shard. Need to deload mana cracks when switching to them. Also these need to generate according to province logic.

  • Mana Dimensions -- Mostly done. Need to do some work on environmental challenges and add some civilization/ruins down here.

    Misc Late-game stuff

  • Saving -- Needs Work. I have a good idea of how I'll do this, but while I'm still in basic systems development it isn't a huge priority. It'll become more necessary once I start balancing and polishing the game.

  • Maps -- Needs Work.

  • Wealth -- Needs Work

  • Levelling/Skills -- Some Work Done. I have a vague idea of what's happening here, but no concrete plans yet.

  • Lore -- Needs Work

  • Handcrafted Guilds/Story -- Needs Work

  • Soul's Pivot -- Needs Work/Scrappable. With how complicated the engine is getting, this is looking less and less viable. There will be *some* kind of new game+ happening, but it may not be a full featureset.

    These all tie in way too heavily into other systems. I definitely don't want to do anything with Magic, Lore, or the Soul's Pivot until everything else is done.

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