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Smaller Game ideas

Posted 1 Month ago by Xhin

I need more smaller games, particularly phone-friendly ones, mainly for personal reasons though they'd be particularly good for my portfolio as well.

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Bigram Matcher

  • You get two bigrams and have to make as any words as possible from them.

  • Making words in a puzzle will increase your points linearly (first answer is 1 point, second is 2 and so on, up to 5.

  • For two points you can skip a puzzle, though as long as you make one word you can go to the next puzzle for free.

  • Time-based. You have maybe 15 minutes per session and have to try to get the highest score possible during that time.

  • A daily challenge kind of procgen, with a scoreboard and scoreboards for other days in a week with also a "best of all time" scoreboard that never gets deleted.

  • 1 Month ago
    Sky's the limit

    Color Board Game

  • 2P, or 1p with a fairly random AI. 2P RTS with a quick cooldown would be nuts and I kind of like it.

  • Click a tile to turn it from
    green to red to blue and back again, or click a tile and another tile to transform a swathe depending on what's between them.

  • The goal is to reach a specific board configuration before your opponent(s).

    Green Moves

  • On a horiz or diag line of solid green tiles terminating in a green, turn the entire swath (excluding your tile) red.

  • On an adjacent red or blue, turn it green.

    Red Moves

  • Click a red tile on a diag to make the box between them flip to the next state in sequence. Doesn't affect either red tile.

  • Click an adjacent green tile to turn it blue.

  • Click an adjacent blue tile to turn it green.

    Blue Moves

  • Click an adjacent green tile to make all connected green tiles turn into something random.

  • Same deal with adjacent red tiles.

  • Click a blue tile along a horiz or diag to make all tiles between them mirror positions.


    Not sure what the goal configuration will be -- will want to build the system out and test it. Maybe something procgen.

    The rules themselves could be procgen and/or nomic. Making the configuration also nomic would be interesting in multi-player games.

  • 1 Month ago
    Sky's the limit

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