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Master List Project

Posted June 22, 2023 by Xhin

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Single Player

Game Work done so far ETA Project interest
Phonemaze Finished, needs simplification <1 week Medium
Driller one update and some lore away from completion <1 week High
Crazy Diamonds Basically finished <1 week High
Alchemy Game Nothing, but short game <1 week Low
Matchsticks Nothing <1 week Medium
The Omega Exhibition Complete, just expanding the setting and lore 2-3 weeks High
Phonguelike Nothing, but short game 2-3 weeks Low
Fractal Sidescroller Nothing <1 month Medium
Lootopia Basic engine done, most of the work is in the content <1 month High
The Forge Nothing <1 month Low
City of Quotes Engine 100% done, fleshing out the space and lore ~1 month High
Space Monkey Nothing ~1 month Medium
Aliengame Nothing 1-2 months Medium
The Arena Nothing 2 months High
Eldritch Library Some basic structure, all notes formalized ~2 months High
Astero At the halfway point ~2 months High
Neptopia Halfway through the project ~2 months High
Wild Pig Island Nothing ~2 months Medium
Twins Nothing ~2 months Medium
Shatterloop Alpha Years worth Months High
Minds Nothing Months High
Untitled TBS game Nothing Months High
Courier Main maps and lore are fleshed out Months High
Drifter Some very basic structuring done Months Medium
Zenith Nothing Months Low
Gem Genie Basic engine exists, notes need restructuring ??? Low

MMO / Competitive

Game Work done so far ETA Project Interest
Stocks Nothing 2-3 weeks Medium
Thiefgame Most of the work is already done and needs to be detached from Shatterloop 2-3 weeks High
Thieves & Workers Nothing ~3 weeks Medium
Wacky Art Gallery Some work on the content engine done <1 month High
Pumpkin Game 2022 Nothing <1 month Medium
Hexagonum Aeternum Major coding challenges done, layout work in progress ~1 month High
Maginife Nothing ~1 month Low
Grand Aquarium Main engine already exists in Neptopia ~2 months Medium
Archipelago Layout and graphics engine are largely done ~2 months High
Caverlasting Nothing Months High


Game Work done so far ETA Project Interest
Fractalicious Done, just needs an export option 1 day High
Glitchify Its parent project is 99% done, canvas framework is also done a few days Low
Trippify Needs export option and more tools, but most of it is done <1 week High
Sim Project Nothing 1-2 months High


Project Work done ETA Priority
Blog Exists, no theme or content 2-3 days High
Logo Some sketches 1 day Low
Better Languages Project Some work ~2 days Low
Universal Game Saving Already exists, not imported ~2 days Low
Agnostic Journal Integration Nothing 1 day Low
Graffiti Nothing 2-3 days Low
Curation Committees Nothing 2-3 days Low
OpenAI Integration Nothing <1 week High
Notebooks Still in conceptual hell <1 week High
Player Markets Nothing <1 week Medium
Jukeboxes Nothing 1 week Medium
TVs Sorta exists in old projects 1 week Medium
Magazines Nothing <1 week Medium
Medals / Hall of Records Nothing <1 week Medium
Collections Nothing <1 week Low
Profiles Nothing <1 week Low
NIFE Done, needs work to integrate <1 week Low
Lachesis Content Engine Some minor work ~1 week High
Real-time social system Still in conceptual hell 1-2 weeks High
Long-format social system Still in conceptual hell 1-2 weeks High
Item System v2 Nothing 1-2 weeks Medium
2D base building v2 Nothing 1-2 weeks Medium
XIFNET Nothing ~1-2 weeks Low
Grand Library Nothing 1-2 weeks Low
Text Auto-Multiplayer Nothing ~2 weeks Low
Improved Maze Combat Some concepts ~2 weeks Medium
Base Building v2 Nothing 2-3 weeks Medium
Skein Progress is lifted directly from games ??? Low

June 23, 2023
Sky's the limit

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