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Trading Game Checklist

Posted June 10, 2024 by Xhin

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  • I need to detail out what every item is composed of, as well as additional properties (like color). This will make creating the functions a lot easier. It's still okay to skip complicated shit for now.

  • Item generation lists

  • Assign prices as well according to some heuristic -- can literally import the shatterloop one, albeit with different values.

  • Anything complicated that I missed (the TODOs)

  • The actual naming engine. Can import a heck of a lot from Shatterloop, but would like to expand some things (animals in particular since they're separated by type, but also plants are sorely lacking).

    Shop types

  • Create shop types based on broad and/or specific categories.

  • Create more general shop types that aggregate a bunch of categories for whatever reason.

  • Double check to make sure all assignments are valid and all items types are represented. Make changes accordingly.

  • June 10, 2024
    Sky's the limit

    Province Generation

    Provinces should just exist on a 2D grid.

  • Given a coordinate, generate a province. Basically create some number of towns with some number of shops.

  • Connect the towns via the dungeon rooms connect algorithm -- each town has at least two exits that can't match entrances when assigned, which ensures connections. Assign arbitrary prices to each route herein.


  • Do the same thing with shops in towns, connecting them with each other and also with entry/exit nodes.

  • June 10, 2024
    Sky's the limit


  • Itemize and set up all seven currencies and display somewhere. It needs more balance over the shatterloop one -- each element should have 2 entry and 2 exit

  • Assign each province a currency.

  • Cheat in 10k to each one.


  • Given the province and towns object, interface with the UI and create navigation. Links need to exit at the correct place. Have placeholders for actual shops.

  • Get link costs working.

  • Assign province links as well. Each province should have 4 exits in 4 different towns -- they don't have to follow logic. These should go to the next province in that direction and exit correctly.

  • Get their costs working as well.

  • June 10, 2024
    Sky's the limit


  • Shops should generate items according to their types and display the prices (and the local currency) as well.

  • An inventory and its display.

  • The ability to buy items for the appropriate currency.


  • You should be able to sell items in the correct category. Make sure this is working 100% first.

  • Have a property list that pairs currency chains together, a la a tetrad.

  • You can only sell items in the appropriate currency.

  • Prices for both buy and sell are based on the currency if they aren't already.

  • Some slight markup -- look into how shatterloop handles it.

  • June 10, 2024
    Sky's the limit

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